Wedding DJ

Should You Hire a Wedding DJ or a Live Band?

When it comes to musical entertainment for your wedding reception, you have a choice of two main options. The first option is a live band. Traditionally, live bands play at weddings with a specific set list that’s pre-approved by the bride and groom. Toasts and announcements happen while the band is taking a break. The drawbacks of hiring a live band is that they need a place to set up, and you may have difficulty finding a band that can play your favorite music.


Your second option is to hire a wedding DJ. There are many advantages of hiring a wedding DJ over a live band. First of all, a wedding DJ can play any music at your wedding reception. This makes it very simple for the bride and groom to choose a wedding DJ. This reason alone makes a wedding DJ the more popular option for modern brides and grooms.


What Does a Wedding MC Do?


You may also want to consider hiring a wedding MC. If you have never experienced a wedding where there is a wedding MC, you may not know what a wedding MC does. The wedding MC is kind of like a spokesperson for your wedding reception. They help your wedding party with things like making announcements, introducing people who are coming up to make a toast, and letting wedding reception attendees know what is next on the agenda. For example, the wedding MC can let the friends and family know when it is time to cut the cake or when the bride will be throwing the bouquet. A wedding MC really takes a lot of the burden off of the bride and groom, and can make the entire wedding reception much more enjoyable and stress-free.